We asked healthcare workers to take their NNT Next-Gen Active scrubs for a spin after hours. High-energy hobbies from boxing to yoga and rock climbing to footy training put our sports-inspired styles through their paces. Experience the motivating results and hear their captivating stories as they share their unique journeys with you over the next few months.


“I've been wearing my NNT scrubs out in the real world, I’ve been able to walk Wally, do all my normal jobs, get rainbows for the kids, and I’ve had a whole day in the consulting room.” — Dr Preeya, GP

Meet our challengers and read more about their stories below.

Nell Morris-Dalton, Registered Nurse & AFLW Player

Nell knows the importance of dressing for comfort and function: to stretch, bend, and have the freedom to move without restriction. She also knows the importance of being comfortable on the footy field, where she’s also a professional AFLW player for Collingwood. She invited us to get up close and personal with her during a training session.

Nell's Blog

Safia, Pharmacist & Yogi

For Safia, a typical day at work involves running between the pharmacy and the ward, dispensing medications. She’s often reaching for things on high shelves, crouching down low, and always moving her body throughout a shift at work. She relies on her uniform to not just feel great, but to empower her in performing well in her role.

Safia's Blog

Ben, Disability & Community Support Worker and Rock Climber

Ben likes to decompress after a long shift by visiting his local rock-climbing gym. He stresses the importance of needing scrubs that are dynamic to suit a whole range of tasks he may be completing that day. Similarly, his rock-climbing hobby requires clothing that moves with his body as he stretches, swings, and jumps.

Ben's Blog

Skylah, Emergency Nurse, Midwife & Boxer

Skylah's work sees her shifting between the Emergency Department and Refugee Health clinics, and to decompress after a long shift, she hits the boxing ring. With both a job and a hobby that require concentration and keen focus, she values clothing that’s comfortable, durable, and moves with her body.

Skylah's Blog

Laura, Registered Nurse and Batter for Brisbane Heat

Laura is a batter for the Brisbane Heat women’s cricket team and works part-time as a registered nurse in a busy Brisbane emergency department. With both roles requiring patience and a calm demeanour, Laura says it helps to stay focused on each task as it comes; whether it’s hanging an IV bag or focusing on the next ball.

Laura's Blog

Alex, Acute Medical Registered Nurse

Registered Nurse, Alex, chooses to decompress after work by going to the gym. Emphasising how tough nursing can be on the body, Alex says working out not only builds her physical strength, but also gives her the mental and emotional strength to do hard daily tasks at her job. 

Alex's Blog

Preeya, GP, Author & TV Presenter

Dr Preeya Alexander is a dedicated General Practitioner with a keen interest in preventive health, preconception care, and mental health. She likes to deliver digestible, evidence-based health information to the community to help people make informed health decisions; that’s why she started writing books and built up her profile on social media.

Preeya's Blog

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