We’ve been on the front line since 1962

In 2022, NNT is proud to celebrate our 60th anniversary of delivering exceptional uniform solutions to Australia and the world.

Trusted brands aren’t built overnight. It takes years of dedication, focus and innovation. Which is why we’re exceptionally proud to be celebrating six decades of working side by side with frontline professionals to create uniforms that look and feel great. From humble beginnings, our Australian-born brand has grown exponentially to deliver best-in-class designs to some of the world’s best-known businesses and their tireless teams. And while a lot has changed over the years, our founding principles remain. NNT believes that a great uniform can empower its wearer, offering a sense of both identity and belonging. We’ve always created workwear that enables professionals to remain at the top of their game and, today, we’re still fit for the front line.


It’s an honour to be celebrating this milestone with the people who have inspired our quest for superior quality and service over the last 60 years. From industries as diverse as healthcare, hospitality and the corporate sector, our customers continue to serve as our motivation. While technology and design innovation have transformed the way we do business, the reason we do it remains unchanged. We want the professionals who put on our uniforms every day to feel confident and comfortable on the front line, however that looks for them. It’s a mission that feels as compelling today as it did back in 1962.


So, while we’re proud to look back on 60 years of innovation, we’re not stopping here. NNT’s forward-thinking focus on functionality, sustainability and smart design continues to drive the team to do better for you. From mindful manufacture and ethical sourcing to environmentally conscious textile development, we’ll continue to push the boundaries. We’re also focused on exceptional design that ensures our range of products remains functional and fit for purpose in response to the rapidly changing world in which we work. From hospitals to allied health, city offices to offsite work, we want you to feel good whenever and wherever you wear NNT. So, we’re setting our sights set firmly on the future of workwear. And we look forward to continuing to shape it together with you.

A History of Healthcare Experience

Since our launch back in 1962, NNT has been proudly leading the way in workwear for healthcare. And while the shapes and styles have shifted as these looks show, our commitment to quality and comfort remains unchanged. Function, fit and performance have always been in our DNA.

60 years of game-changing style

NNT has been on the forefront of leading the way in corporate wear with a fashion-forward flair for 6 decades. From Swinging Sixties silhouettes to dresses with a Nineties nod, these designs from the archives demonstrate our enduring style-savvy aesthetic. While trends come and go, our commitment to high-quality manufacture remains a constant. We’re proud that these special archive pieces look as good today as they did when they were made. 

NNT has always created uniforms that enable professionals to be at the top of their game and today, NNT is still fit for the front line.