Features from the Frontline

Hardworking, dedicated, passionate. Our healthcare workers define what it means to really care. Spending long days and late nights at the service of others, treating those at their most vulnerable, showing up for us, shift after shift.

At NNT, we want to acknowledge the incredible contribution these people make to our communities, the challenges they face and the essential work they do, every single day. It’s why we’re proud to bring you Features from the Frontline – a heart-warming and inspiring series of interviews with Australian healthcare workers.

We’ve created a platform for them to share their unique stories of grit and grace with you, because we believe they deserve to be celebrated. Join us to discover just what it takes.


Leor, Enrolled Nurse

"We're helping people during very difficult times in their lives so it can be both physically and emotionally heavy at times and it's not always easy to leave those emotions at work. I get in the car, take some deep breaths and tell myself I did what I could that day, then I (poorly) sing along to loud music on the way home."

Millie, Dietitian

Millie, Dietitian

Alex - Nurse, Student, Celebrant

Alex, Nurse/Student/Celebrant

Meet Elana, Paramedic

Elana, Paramedic

Meet Tanya, Veterinary Nurse

Tanya, Veterinary Nurse

Meet Xander, Makeup Artist

Xander, Makeup Artist

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Rebecca, Midwifery Student

Elizabeth, Registered Nurse

Elizabeth, Registered Nurse

Melinda, Enrolled Nurse

Melinda, Enrolled Nurse